Covid-19 policy

how we're keeping our clients and participants safe
keeping people safe while user testing

The health and safety of our clients and research participants is of the utmost importance to u.exe, and never more so than in the current environment.

We have put the following guidelines and equipment in place in order to ensure people feel safe and comfortable when booking, observing and taking part in user research.

u.exe test room - hygiene and safety measures

User sessions will be scheduled with 30 minutes between sessions.

Participants will not be allowed to wait in the building prior to their scheduled session.

Hand sanitiser is available in the user test room and each participant will be asked to use it upon arrival and before leaving.

Social distancing will be maintained at all times.

Only one moderator will be in the test room at the same time as a participant.

Computer and/or mobile, keyboard, mouse, desk equipment and any other surfaces used will be cleaned between sessions.

A perspex screen will separate the moderator and participant during the test.

A mask will be worn by the moderator during the whole user test session with each participant; a fresh mask will be worn for each session.

Participants are asked not to wear masks or face coverings so that speech and visual reactions can be recorded and observed; however should they prefer to wear a mask, they may do so. u.exe will provide a free disposable mask.

Disposable gloves will be available to each participant, should they wish to wear them while using the computer. u.exe are unable to provide gloves if testing is to be done on a mobile phone.

Refreshments will be unavailable. Participants are welcome to bring in their own pre-filled bottle of water.

user test observation

u.exe will provide a link for clients to remotely watch the user test sessions online. This transmits the live visual and audio from the sessions.

Alternatively if preferred, one client representative may observe the user test sessions in our observation room, which is entirely separate from the user test room and other offices.

We will provide hand sanitiser in the observation room.

record of contact details

u.exe will ask each participant to record their contact details and signature which will be kept at u.exe. Details asked for will be:

- Name
- Email
- Phone number
- Date of visit
- Person responsible
- Signature to confirm you are not experiencing symptoms of Covid-19
- Signature to confirm you have not tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days

Should any cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 emerge at u.exe, the Generator or King's Wharf building, participants' personal details will be used to contact them. These personal details will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other parties.

whole building - hygiene and safety measures

u.exe is based within The Generator cowork hub. Generator guidelines:

Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the Generator office.

Doors are kept open.

Windows are kept open for fresh air circulation.

Kitchen facilities are unavailable at this time.

Kings Wharf building guidelines

Only 1 person may use the lift at any time.

Only 1 person may use the toilets at any time.

Sanitiser is provided at both entrances to the building.

A bin specifically for the disposal of PPE is provided by the entrance and exit doors of the building.


Where possible, it is recommended that participants do not use public transport to travel to u.exe.

There are car parks nearby, these are detailed on our Location page.

Participants are welcome to cycle to u.exe. Bike racks are situated on the ground floor of the Kings Wharf building and u.exe visitors are welcome to use them.

u.exe’s location on the Quay is walking distance from Exeter City Centre.

cancellation terms 

In the event of Covid-19 restrictions changing that will impact a booking, u.exe will contact the client at the earliest convenience.

In the event of postponement after confirmation of booking, u.exe will not charge a fee if booking is confirmed for an alternative date. Earliest notice of cancellation or postponement is appreciated. 

u.exe charge a 40% non-refundable deposit upon booking.

Working day = Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm.

if you’re interested in finding out more about u.exe, we’d love to have a chat, drop us a line or call