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bespoke user research project with card sort, survey and online workshops
establishing the 'need'
"Thanks so much for all your work, both of you – you massively helped me get this project through some very severe scrutiny!"
Helen Richmond, Publishing & Events Manager
Improve International is one of the global top 5 leading providers of Continuous Professional Development training for Veterinary professionals.

Based in the UK and Portugal and well-known internationally, Improve International was established by a group of vet surgeons in 1998. Providing certification for vet surgeons and vet nurses, including distance learning, practical courses, short courses and professional textbooks, Improve has a vast customer base of qualified professional veterinarian customers.

Improve were proposing a new membership scheme for vet practices which would give members access to the most comprehensive resource provision in the industry, of certified training courses, video training resources, secure discussion members’ forum, expert knowledge database and more.

Establishing the need for a new membership scheme

Improve wanted to establish the ‘need’ and ‘want’ for this membership scheme amongst vet professionals.
We created a bespoke user research project designed to find out the answers to their questions. Our goal was to gather the data that would inform whether the membership scheme should be created and if so, how it should be designed in order to maximise its appeal and value to vet professionals.

We designed the user research in 3 parts:
Phase I: Online card sort

The card sort, using Optimal Workshop, was a quick and straightforward way of gathering data from customers by simply asking them which of the 20 potential membership features they:
Phase II: Online survey

Using Typeform, we wrote and designed a branded survey to take participants through a series of questions in a clear, simple way, with the intention of finding out in more detail which features they would/would not use in a membership scheme; what their price expectations would be; whether they were currently members of any schemes etc. The survey results produced some clear preferences which positively supported several of the proposed features and gave good indicators with regards to price expectations.

We connected the card sort and the survey with an incentive for the completion of both, and received a strong completion rate from Improve customers.

Phase III: Online workshops

The workshops provided the bulk of the research and were richest in detail. One workshop was conducted with existing Improve International customers who were recruited from their database. For the second workshop, we worked closely with People for Research to recruit veterinary professionals - from vet nurses, qualified vet surgeons, to practice directors. In both groups we selected a range of people who had been qualified and practising between 3-26 years with a variety of seniority levels, which gave valuable insights to all areas of working vet practices.

People for Research sourced incredibly communicative and productive participants whose opinions and real-life experiences as vet professionals were relevant, nuanced and insightful. The workshops were run using Miro, a fantastic online workshopping tool which allowed all the group to actively participate in the workshop both by creating and ordering notes online and verbally in discussions. The client was able to observe the sessions in real time which provided a valuable insight into the discussions and really understand the user findings.

Analysis and stakeholder presentation

We analysed the major findings of the research, supported by verbatim comments from group participants and diagrams and screenshots from Miro, the card sort and survey. Following the completion of both workshops, we collated the findings for the client. We designed the presentation to be clear, stylish and easy to digest with the main findings highlighted to support our client when putting the case for the membership scheme forward in the stakeholder board meeting.
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