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PPP Taking Care

remote user testing - part of a successful relaunch resulting in 200% increase in online orders within 12 months
"without the user testing, we would have been basing our design decisions on assumptions and second guesses"

The results?

201% increase in the number of online orders
84% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
Winner: Direct Commerce Awards 2021 'Best Exploitation of Technology'
A more customer-focused and agile website solution
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PPP Taking Care are part of the AXA PPP healthcare group of companies and are the exclusive personal alarm provider to Age UK, with over 70,000 customers per year.

"PPP Taking Care support older adults to live independently with a range of monitored personal alarms and our website visitor demographics reflect the age of our customer base.

It was important when we were developing a new ecommerce store that we took this into account and designed the purchase journey to be simple and easy to use.

Our service isn’t your typical ‘click and ship’ ecommerce product because of the information we need to collect to provide the best possible response in an emergency. We were keen to address this with some realistic user testing before we launched so we could include the findings in the development process.

We discussed with u.exe what we wanted to achieve and the challenges we felt users had with our website at the time. Darren and Helen understood where the potential user experience issues could be and suggested a user testing programme designed specifically for us.

Covid-19 lockdown... u.exe adapted

When the Covid-19 lockdown meant face-to-face testing was not possible, u.exe adapted and conducted user testing remotely using different devices and realistic customer scenarios. u.exe provided testers in our target age bracket and test scripts.

We were able to watch the testing in real-time, gaining valuable insight into how users interacted with the website and where the pain points were. We discussed the results with Darren and were provided with video transcripts of the sessions.

u.exe produced a usability report that highlighted the main findings and recommendations of how to resolve the challenges. We were able to take these recommendations and improve the check-out process before we launched.

Doubled ecommerce conversion rate

Our ecommerce conversion rate has doubled since launching the new website and we plan to develop the website further based on the insights provided by the usability tests. Without the user testing, we would have been basing our design decisions on assumptions and second guesses. With the user testing, we were able to make intelligent decisions that addressed how real users used the website and have planned a development roadmap that will deliver further improvements.

We have since worked with u.exe on a second website project for one of our brand partners because we found their insight so valuable and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

John Swaffield, Digital Marketing Manager, PPP Taking Care

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