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"running a usability study was key to understanding that the changes we were making were not going to be detrimental to the customer experience and ultimately the revenue to the business"
"The team at u.exe... allowed us to prioritise the changes needed to support a customer first approach"
Pure Electric are the UK’s biggest specialist retailer of electric bikes and electric scooters, with a number of showrooms nationwide as well as online retail. Pure Electric are also international with showrooms and online presences in Belgium, France and Spain.

As well as their own brand, Pure Electric stock market-leading ranges of e-bikes and e-scooters. Showrooms feature e-bike demo centres, plus servicing and repair centres.

Testing during development project - don’t wait til it goes live!

We worked with Pure Electric during their website development project when designs were at prototype stage. User insight is valuable at any stage of a project - a website or app does not have to be ‘finished’ to user test it; in fact, it’s incredibly important to gather user insight to help direct your development. Testing during development will:
Prototype testing, Agile timeframes

Pure were running their development project in Agile sprints, so they needed user testing to be conducted within a specific timeframe. Designs would be available at prototype stage in Figma, so we were able to test those online.

Pure needed user insights to:
The right users = the best insights

Working with People for Research we recruited participants for two days, splitting the users into an e-bike group and an e-scooter group. Participants were selected for their fit to Pure Electric’s customer age groups, which lean towards the older demographic for e-bikes and younger for scooters, with a balanced gender and ethnic mix. We ensured that some participants in the e-scooter group were parents, as we needed the parent view on Pure’s e-scooters for kids.

Carefully selecting the participants for each group ensured that we could obtain views that were balanced across the target audiences and existing customer demographics, giving realistic insights that the company could trust as a reliable indicator of Pure customers’ views.

Remote testing - a positive way forward.
Mobile and desktop testing on Figma prototypes, via the web, via Zoom!

Due to Covid restrictions (this testing took place in a period of lockdown), we needed to user test remotely. We did this via Zoom, where participants used the Figma live prototypes in their web browser.

We were able to test an equal split of mobile and desktop devices using Figma over the web. It was really important to see how users interacted with complex areas of the site on both mobile and desktop, such as the product comparison table which contained several models and different features for spec comparison.

Analysis and reporting - enabling quick improvements

Analysing the insights gained during the user testing was assisted by our division of the user tests into two broad groups, e-bikes and e-scooters. We found common experiences across the site in both groups, but also important differences and product insights. Providing our bespoke report and recommendations for both product groupings meant that the website build team could act quickly to make improvements before the site went to the UAT stage.

Differences in user knowledge

There were clear differences in user knowledge and experience across the groups, reflecting that which Pure has to cater for on their website - from novice riders and people with no prior electric transport experience, to experienced cyclists who have done considerable research into electric bikes and/or scooters.

Although a tricky dichotomy to cater for, the fact that Pure Electric gathers and listens to these insights means that they are better able to strike a balance, ensuring all customers can use the site  in their product research and purchase decision.

The insights provided by all the participants helped to direct the website development, and many design improvements have been made following the user testing and through to the site launch such as:
Nailing design for mobile

Pure Electric's product comparison table is a complex information area, which allows for multiple products and their features to be compared at once. It was a key feature to test, and it passed with flying colours - no users having issues with it or difficulty using the table - even on mobile.

This is no mean feat with the volume of information displayed in the table, but clear design combined with the horizontal scroll for each section of data, as well as the 'close' functionality on each vertical category made for easy-to-digest data and a smooth user experience.

Assurance ahead of launch

User testing during development is brilliant for gaining assurance about what works and what could be improved - before going all the way through to launch. You can adjust en route, knowing that you're making improvements backed up by evidence.

Sarah Clough, Pure Electric's E-commerce Director says:
"Our recent site rebuild project was the largest change we had planned in E-commerce for Pure in the past 2 years. We were aiming for a premium look and feel, to cater for our expanding product range but also to communicate to our customers what support we offer via our nationwide showrooms and service centres.

Running a usability study was key to understanding if we were getting this across to customers and also that the changes we were making were not going to be detrimental to the customer experience and ultimately the revenue to the business.

The team at u.exe supported this hypothesis, allowing us to prioritise the changes needed to support a customer first approach – not only that, but a friendly and great team to work with!"

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