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ux audits

Regular UX audits enable your website to work hard for your business, maximising ROI and increasing the longevity of your website

what is a ux audit?

A UX audit uses recognised methodologies to assess your website or app’s usability. Following this discovery process enables us to identify potential issues that may be limiting your site’s success.

Examples could include:
  • an over-complicated checkout process 
  • requesting unnecessary details that deters the user
  • confusing brand messages or pricing presentation.
No website or app is exactly the same, and likewise, potential issues are individual too.

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what is the aim of a ux audit?

The aim/purpose of a UX audit is to identify and target specific issues in order to smooth out and enhance user experience as a whole throughout the site, so that users can easily achieve the goal that they came to the website or app to do.

benefits in a nutshell

  • increase profits from your website
  • maximise your online return on investment (ROI)
  • save money on website development by implementing only evidenced improvements
  • website direction based on insights and data, not guesswork
  • fresh, unbiased, professional perspective on your website
  • understand more about your website users and their online behaviour
“This has been an invaluable exercise”
Ashfords Solicitors, national provider of legal, professional and regulatory services. Read the full testimonial

our website’s not ready yet, so we don’t need an audit right now!

On the contrary - during site builds is the ideal time to perform a UX audit.
We can perform an audit by looking at the site as a whole or certain key areas - it’s an efficient way to catch any problems and resolve any issues before they have a negative effect on your website once live.

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why wasn’t this part of our website development?

  • Websites aren’t finished when they go live - they require constant maintenance and can always be improved. The old model of building a website, leaving it relatively unmaintained, then replacing it with an entirely new website every few years is costly and doesn’t bring a better understanding of your website’s users.
  • Every site development is done with the intention of working well for users, however an experienced, neutral user-focused audit can provide you with the insight to catch any issues and improve your site further.
  • A regular programme of review and improvement is the best way to keep on top of internet developments and changes in user behaviour so that your website can continually perform well for your business.

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The approach we follow covers these areas:

User personas
Working with you, we identify your key customer personas. Who are they, why do they come to your site, what do they want/like? If we understand your customers and can put ourselves in the mind of the user, we can better understand their experience when using your website.

Depending on your existing set up in terms of website analytics, we can look for patterns that may indicate where issues are. Bearing in mind your business’ user personas we will look at aspects such as behaviour flow, device usage, traffic patterns, bounce rates. 

User journeys: We identify simple user flows (customer journeys), which allows us to identify and highlight potential blockers and pain points that may be negatively affecting your customers experience.

Design: We look at design to identify whether any visual aspects are potentially causing issues. Does the design of your site devalue the brand? Are design elements hindering conversions, eg unintuitive or badly located calls to action?

Content: Using UX writing principles and best practice we evaluate the content of your website. Does the tone of voice and language correspond to brand values? Is the content confusing or text-heavy? Are navigation labels and calls to action worded appropriately for the target market?

Mobile: We look at whether your site works responsively for mobile. If so, does the navigation work effectively on mobile as well as desktop? Does the design respond appropriately? Are calls to action positioned for maximum effectiveness? Does the checkout process work smoothly?
Good online accessibility is essential for all users and for search engines to index and list your site effectively. Sites with good accessibility will see a positive effect on sales and SEO.

We look at a variety of aspects to establish how accessible the site is for all users, voice readers, users with sight impairments and more.

We look at the technical aspects of your site to establish where best practice is perhaps not being met. Users will not wait if a website performs badly in terms of being responsive, loading speed, image optimisation, etc.

A UX audit provides the perfect opportunity to assess your website from a neutral, professional point of view, with your target audience and real users in mind.

Actionable points
We provide bespoke, actionable, realistic and specific recommendations for improvements to the site.

Recommendations will be measurable, depending on the metrics most suitable to the context. These could include:

case study

“We wanted to review our website from a user perspective. Although we had ideas within the firm and from our website agency we could see the benefit of involving an external party. 

u.exe reviewed the site and produced a report on the user interface, functionality and site design. 

From the report we talked through the actions with u.exe, they provided us with a range of suggested updates supported by reasoning. 

This has been an invaluable exercise and has produced a number of phases to updating and developing our website.”
Clare Angell
Senior Communications Executive, Ashfords LLP
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